Programming is the language underpinning everything in the digital world. We take our students from simple logic and scripting to object-oriented programming and software engineering.

All students get a strong foundation in computer programming, including:

  • Web development with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (including jQuery), PHP and MySQL.
  • Game development with Unity3D, HTML5 Canvas (JavaScript) and Flash (ActionScript 3).
  • Creative coding, digital art, visualisations and physical installations using Processing and Arduino.
  • Mobile app development for iPhone and Android smartphones with PhoneGap, Java and Objective-C.
  • Physical computing and hardware including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, MindWave, Mobile and Tablet devices.

It’s up to individual students how much they wish to specialise in programming. For some it is a useful tool in their arsenal, for others it’s the start of a life-long love affair.